1. Q: What’s the feature of the different models lifting platform along with their load carrying capacity?
A: The hydraulic lifting is convenient operating and easy lifting. Besides, two cars of this type can lift the heavy equipment together. It is more suitable for the small tonnage object. Another one is scissor lifting. This series lifting platform makes the lifting height efficiently increase and lifting cargo more steady. So it is more suitable for the heavy duty cargo.

2. Q: Can the lifting platform operated by remote control?
A: It can be controlled by both remote controller and wire controller. It can be chose.

3. Q: Is it possible to customize the transfer cart with lifting platform for example connects the 2 carts together of 5T together and carries a weight of 10 tons large plate for example?
A: The two carts can lift the cargo together, but it cannot realize to run together. You need to operate the two trolleys separately. Besides, the transfer carts with lifting platform cannot turn if connecting them together, .

4. Q: The table size is 3600mm*2200mm, can the lifting height of the transfer cart to be 800 mm?
A: If there is no limited of the transfer cart height, it can lift 800mm. That is to say the cart height will be 1400mm.