Rail Guided Powered Trolleys


Powered trolleys are used to handle all types of loads – including large and heavy ones – inside industrial plants, building sites, offshore platforms and vessels.
There are different kinds of material transfer cars; the difference can refer to power supply (diesel, battery, electric grid, pneumatic) or to wheels and steering mechanism.
The rail guided powered trolleys don’t have any steering mechanism since they have steel wheels and travel just on rails.
Non-steerable transfer cars represent the best solution for production cycles which are regular both time-wise and route-wise.
As they are equipped with steel wheels and move on steel rails they are suited to very high loading capacities thanks to the very low friction between steel and steel.
For the reason listed above, the cost of these transfer trolleys – referring to same dimensions and loading capacity – is lower than battery and diesel powered trolleys on wheels which must be equipped with steering systems and greater powers.

Morello, with its 60 years experience in this kind of rail guided powered trolleys, offers vehicles with state-of.the-art technologies, thanks to continuous design improvement by implementing most up-to-date electronic innovations.

The most common uses of these powered carts are:

  • connection of several bays in industrial buildings
  • connection of buildings and store yards
  • connection between equipment and department
  • lightening the cranes’ workload in bays
  • Capacity from 1 to 1.000 tons
  • Speed up to 10 Km/h
  • Suitable for every kind of track
  • AC/DC electric engine , diesel engine or pneumatic engine
  • Battery, electric grid or diesel powered (as per customer request)
  • Electronic translation control which allows gradual acceleration/deceleration
  • Self-loading (optional)
  • Automatic (optional)
  • ATEX and IECEx compliant (optional)