4 Wheel Steer

Four wheel steer trailers and carts lead the industry in reliability, durability and innovation. Each trailer’s steering linkage is designed and calibrated for proper steering geometry to ensure true tracking. Drop forged couplers and hitches link multiple trailers into a towable train, each trailer precisely follows the preceding through the plant for efficient delivery of materials.

Our carts provide years of utility with robust designs rolling on the industry’s most durable wheels. When your material handling equipment needs exceeds what you may find it easy.

Rated Load(t) 21640100150
Wheel Base(mm)12002800380049007000
Rail Inner Guage(mm)12001435143520002000
Ground Clearance5050507575

? cable reel: spring/magnetic/motorized cable reel
? safety equipment: automatic stop when detecting persons/obstales, limit switch, etc
? operation way: wireless remote control, push button, control panel
? Electrical parts: Import or local brands