Fifth Wheel Steer

Fifth Wheel steer trailers feature steering that works like children’s little red wagons, but at a very adult level. These massively built industrial workhorses move extreme loads around plants and distribution centers. Generous steel decks deliver a robust surface for various loads.

A major wear point on any towed trailer is the towing loop. We use forged steel loops, designed for handling the maximum towed load and resistant to wear during years of use.

Rated Load(t) 21640100150
Wheel Base(mm)12002800380049007000
Rail Inner Guage(mm)12001435143520002000
Ground Clearance5050507575

? cable reel: spring/magnetic/motorized cable reel
? safety equipment: automatic stop when detecting persons/obstales, limit switch, etc
? operation way: wireless remote control, push button, control panel
? Electrical parts: Import or local brands