Diesel Powered Self-Propelled Trailers


Diesel powered self-propelled trailers are used to handle any type of load, also huge and heavy, even in presence of limited spaces. For this aim it is possible to have, if required, electronic steering systems and the resulting configurations represented in the technical data.
Ground and slopes irregularities are get through hydraulic compensation of axles.
On request, it is possible to equip these systems with remote control or self-acting translation (AGV) at inertial control.
With huge and heavy loads it is possible to employ more systems simultaneously, mechanical jointed between them or placed apart.
As these self-propelled trailers are set each one for a specific use, the project is made in function of all the user Customer’s demands.

Transformers handling system with capacity load up to 190 t

The handling system is formed by a master truck and a service truck.

The master truck, of self-loading type, is suitable in height handling and to transformers translation on tamped and leveled paving, in particular it has also the possibility to make translation of 90° respect to the normal side.

The service truck, equipped with current generator at diesel cycle, supplies electrical feeding for it-self and for the master truck. Its necessity derives from the dimensions specially low of the master truck and for this reason the impossibility to apply on board storage batteries or other energy sources.

The translation control for both trucks has made by means of two remote controls.

  • Thermic engine at diesel cycle
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Leveled lifting of load platform on the self-loading self-propelled, by means of hydraulic suspensions with high path of lift, that guarantee a correct load distribution on each wheel, even in extreme conditions
  • Steering determined in mathematical model
  • Possibility of electronics loading platform steering and lifting
  • Possibility of mechanic or distance coupling: modular self-propelled machines
  • Wide range of accessories