Aluminum Production line cargo handling railway trolley

The billet handling trailer is powered from two railways. The AC power is stepped down low voltage and connects separately with rails. The cart driving mechanism gets the power by wheels from railway. The cart starts, stops, goes forward and backward by wheels movement.

Billet handling trailer is applied to transfer finish billet from production line to storage in casting plant. There are some refractory brick and railings on the trailer for billet transportation. It also be used for transporting steel profile or machine parts in plant.

Wheel base(mm)12002600320038004300
Rail Inner Gauge (mm)12001435 1435 1435 1435
Wheel Diameter(mm)Ф270Ф300Ф400Ф500Ф600
Ground Clearance (mm)5050505075
Motor Power(kw)11.6346.3
Transformer Power(KVA)356.81020
Transformer Quantity11111
Max Wheel Load(KN)14.4 42.6 94.5 142.8 221.4
Recommended Rail ModelP15 P18 P38 P43 P50
Running distance(m)8080806050

◆ Load capacity, table size and rail gauge can be customized.
◆ Options: a.Remote radio control(imported or made in China); b.Automatic stop when detecting obstacle or person, limit switches(to limit travel); c.Automatic cutting off power on rail; d.Motor (DC motor with brush and DC motor brushless; e.Electrical parts(imported or made in China); f.Can be designed to meet special working environment such as high temperature.