Normal Steering Battery Powered Trolleys – SGAI


These battery powered trolleys have been conceived and built for their utmost working flexibility. Since they have no predefined path and can steer in any direction and move on any kind of floor these motorised trolleys are very useful to bring the heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot arrive.
This kind of battery steerable transfer carts represent the best solution for all those appliances with delicate handling problems in limited places.
Maneuvering easiness make battery powered trolleys perfect to meet the most important requirements: where space is very limited and paths are strictly constrained.
The design of each electric transfer trolley is preceded by a preliminary study about specific needs of user and consequent use conditions.
These battery powered carts can be equipped with a driver cabin or can just be controlled by a pendant push button panel or a remote controller, depends on the speed requested by the customer.

It is possible to fit out these battery powered trolleys with remote control at self-acting translation (AGV) at inertial control. Automatic trailers increasingly being used in every manufacturing sector.
It is possible to design and manufacture explosion proof battery powered carts for hazardous areas zones, IECEx and ATEX (like off-shore platforms, painting rooms, mines), for oil & gas and mining industries

Heavy duty AGV transfer cart – Capacity 20 ton
Electric die cart with operator on board – Capacity 50 ton
Battery self-loading die cart – Capacity 15 ton

  • AC electric engines
  • Adjustable electronic translation with a very smooth acceleration
  • Battery powered
  • Omnidirectional: any kind of steering on customer request (normal, 90°, diagonal, 360° and many others)
  • Speed up to 10 Km/h
  • Capacity up to 500 tons
  • Compensation of axles load with a wide range of suspensions solution
  • Commands in driver cabin or on remote controller
  • Various kind of wheels (polyurethane, press on band, superelastic, pneumatic)
  • Lifting deck on request
  • Hydraulic free on request