CNC Middle East specializes in Electrical, Electronics, Hydraulics, Pneumatic and Mechanical Engineering. Establishing in 2008, it has served numerous customers in the region and has gathered an abundance of knowledge about the Gulf Market.

CNC Middle East designs, manufactures and helps companies find solutions in various sectors such as: Steel Fabrication industry, Oil & gas Industry, Metallurgy, Steel Mills, Ship yards, Railway Industry, Ship yards, Ports, Power Industry, Paper Industry and many other industrial needs.

We believe that every production line can be more efficient than it already is. And we take pleasure in helping our customers achieve more efficiency while having to find great value for what they invest in. We therefore emphasize on manufacturing battery motorized trolleys, diesel self-propelled trailers, transfer carts, die carts, industrial trailers, tilters, upenders and other lifting platforms.

CNC Middle East maintain high standard of safety in all their products. All the products and researched and implemented to maintain the High-quality production.

How we process

CNC Middle East values the health and safety of our staff above all else. We strive to exceed all industry standards through rigorous personnel training and accountability programs.

Our management and quality control departments continually nurture a culture of individual employee pride and ownership with every action. By adhering to OSHA, API, NBIC, and ASME codes and standards, we are proud to offer prestigious quality control accreditation and certifications. We’ve also associated with prestigious vendors in Europe and USA, who also give precedence to high quality standards and maintain their reputation.

Our products have passed the authentication of Quality system ISO9001, and SGS, CE certifications. All of our products accord with machinery industrial standard JB/T61 27-92.

Plasma Cutting Process

Welding Process

Wheel processing

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